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Welcome to my corner in the sky!

January 2, 2019
by Becky Ferrigno

Welcome to my corner in the sky!

I have considered myself to be a writer since my first poem was published in the 7th grade. Over the years my writing has been fostered mainly by incredible women (and my father) who have encouraged and challenged me. After getting married, I set aside my craft to have children and for a few years, I was silent. Upon emerging from the post-baby haze, I realized I had something to say and a focus I had previously lacked. Over the last two years, I have been slowly dusting off my skills all the while realizing that my writing now is dedicated to a mission I believe in very deeply.

It is my mission as an author to write works that will give underrepresented voices, specifically women and those with special needs, a broader audience. With this clear mission in mind, my amazing husband Brian created a new blog/website at beckyferrigno.com. The blog will stay centered on examining and introducing a larger audience to amazingly strong women, exploring what life is like parenting a child with special needs and further discussion of issues related to sensory processing disorder/anxiety.

It will also be your go-to source for all information regarding my second piece of exciting news, the publication of my first children’s book called Blazing A Trail: The Minna Anthony Common Story. Written with the help of my sister, Molly Farrell and Minna’s daughter Vera Common Parmiter and illustrated by my longtime friend Jennifer Varn, it tells the story of an amazing woman, Minna Anthony Common, who overcame tremendous adversity to achieve her goals and live to her fullest potential. While she’s not a name you probably know, she should be. She’s exactly the kind of woman I want my daughter to grow up to be, tenacious, determined and resourceful. It will be published by Pocket Jennifer Publishing in June 2019.

I hope you will take a moment to join our e-mail list so that you don’t miss my weekly blog! Released on Thursdays, the themes will remain consistent each month with the first blog of the month focusing on an outdoor experience I have affectionately named our “Get Outside Like Minna” activity. The second post will introduce everyone to the cast of characters in Blazing A Trail: The Minna Anthony Common Story while the final two blogs will focus on topics relating to sensory processing disorder, women and parenting.

This book is just the beginning and I hope you will join me as we learn, build a community, grow and recognize incredible individuals living extraordinary lives.

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