About Becky Ferrigno

Becky Ferrigno is an author on a mission to write about children and adults who overcome adversity and live incredible lives. Her first children’s book, Blazing A Trail: The Story of Minna Anthony Common (Pocket Jennifer Publishing, August 2019) tells the story of a New York Times columnist, self-taught botanist and literal blazer of trails.

Her work on sensory processing disorder, parenting and loss have been featured on The Mighty, Parent.co (Now Motherly), Today’s Parent and Modern Loss. Becky’s first book series, which is in development, focuses on introducing children and adults to Sensory Processing Disorder.

She is also the author of Across the Water: Teaching Irish Music At  Home and Abroad (R&L Education, 2010). Becky has a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Music Education and has been a public school educator for the last 13 years.

10 Things About Becky


I started learning Irish step dancing when I was 23 and placed in an 8 hand time at the North American Irish Dance Championships a few years later.


I lived in Ireland for a year. (Up Munster!)


After returning from Ireland, I wrote a college textbook.


I really don’t like to stay in hotels.


Cold, rainy days are when I produce my best writing.


I ran my first 5K at 38 years old.


I have taught in the same elementary school my entire career.


I love fall because the colors in upstate NY are amazing!


Salted caramel ice cream is my favorite food.


I write sitting on a yoga mat on the floor of my office.