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Get Outside Like Minna August Edition- Boredom Busters

August 1, 2019
by Becky Ferrigno

“I’m bored!” It’s one of the worst things to hear fall out of your child’s mouth. So this month’s Get Outside Like Minna is a set of activities to bust up you children’s boredom! Minna and her family spent the entire summer outside hiking and canoeing on the lake. If these aren’t options for you, here are some activities you can do in you own backyard! I’ve tried them out with my own children and they come kid approved!

Boredom Buster # 1: Hoola Hoop Art

Supplies: Hoola hoops (one per child), pencils, crayons, paper and a surface to write on like a clipboard

Activity: Spread the hoola hoops around the space you have to work with. Assign each child a hoop. Give them all a piece of paper, pencil and crayons. There job is to draw everything they see in the hoop. Have them go from hoop to hoop drawing what they see in each hoop.

Bonus Activity: Collect the papers and show everyone the drawings. Have the kids guess what hoop they are looking at based on the drawing you are showing.

Boredom Buster #2: Color Scavenger Hunt

Supplies: Scavenger hunt paper and pencil.

Activity: This can be done anywhere. You can work through this scavenger hunt while on a walk through the neighborhood or a hike through the wilderness. Make a list of things to find and send the kids out to locate the colors. When they do, they need to write down what it is they saw that matches the color. Here are some examples below

Find something light green

Find something light brown

Find something red

Find something yellow

Find something orange

Find something sparkly

Boredom Buster # 3 Under log studies

Supplies: A fallen log

Activity: Find any log laying on the ground and guess what it is underneath it. After everyone has guessed, flip it over and see if you were right. You might be surprised by what you find under logs!


So there you have it, three boredom buster ideas! Check out my Instagram account (@Becky.Ferrigno) for some pictures from our color walk! Another great way to avoid hearing the dreaded “I’m Bored!” phrase is to give the kids in your life something to read! Purchase your copy of Blazing A Trail: The Story of Minna Anthony Common today!

Until next time, Get Outside Like Minna !







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