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Back to School

September 3, 2019
by Becky Ferrigno

Third Day of my 15th year of teaching.

Today is Friday September 6, 2019

My boss’ name is Mr. Barnard

I am 39 years old

When I grow up, I want to be a story keeper. I want to be the person who hears and remembers the tales long after others have forgotten. To recall details and stories that will fascinate others and draw people in.

Vera, Minna’s youngest daughter was a story keeper. She waited many years until my sister showed up at her doorstep with a camera crew and hours to listen. Stories are important in my family and so Molly was well prepared. She asked questions, inserted her own tales and absorbed all Vera had to offer. Molly then shared the story with me. The rest is history.

But there are many more stories out in the world. I feel it is my duty to collect them and give them a wider voice. That is my aspiration for when I grow up. I would love to hear your stories. Feel free to leave them in the comment section below or message them to me.

Then check out Minna’s story.  I will be eternally grateful that Vera waited for us. We were so excited that she shared her story. I only hope to continue doing this for other women in the future.

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