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Libraries Need to Purchase Diverse Books

October 24, 2019
by Becky Ferrigno

I love libraries. My children and I frequent them monthly to stock up on great reads! Recently I have been frustrated because many of the amazing diverse books I am learning about from @tututteacher are not in my local library! If they are in the system, it takes a while for the book to arrive and in the meantime, I have missed my teachable moment.

So I did what I always do when I have a bee in my bonnet, I completed a google search. Did you know as a patron of a library, you can request a library purchase a book? You had better believe I am putting together a list of books that I think our library should add to their collection! Also, the more often a book is placed on hold, the more likely a library will purchase its own copy!

Another way to increase diversity in our library collections is to regularly donate a new book to the library. Some libraries prefer you to donate the money and others will willingly accept a book, so check before you proceed!

We all need to read diverse books. Children will learn about the world that exists outside of their home and hopefully become better humans as a result.

If you want to check out two books that happened to be in my home library, I encourage you to read The Big Red Lollipop and Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn.

For a larger list of diverse books take a minute and read this article on The Medium .

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