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Parenting Anxiety

July 18, 2019
by Becky Ferrigno

I am learning to wait.

To breath through the impatience, 

Through the agonizing knowledge that worry is holding you back,

I know that when you’ve dug in

No amount of chiding or bribing will make you move,

Until you decide it’s the right thing to do.


I apologize when I flounder.

When I push you too hard and you freeze.

It is torturous watching worry grabbing hold

And paralyzing you in his grip.

I just want to scream and sometimes that comes out.


But that is my problem to work out.

My desires and dreams for you are not your burden to carry.

So take your time my child, you’ll get there soon enough.

Take your time. I’ll wait for you. 

And when you arrive.

I’ll cheer.