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Meet the Characters: The Second Installment

February 14, 2019
by Becky Ferrigno

Minna was fortunate to have many strong women in her life who influenced how she lived. Today we feature two examples. Anna Botsford Comstock, her teacher and Catherine Common Johnson, her daughter. 

Anna Botsford Comstock

Anna Botsford Comstock was an illustrator. She first gained recognition as an illustrator for her husband’s publications on insects. In 1895 New York State politicians appointed her to the Committee for the Promotion of Agriculture.  As a member, she planned and carried out an experimental course in nature studies for public schools. New York State later gave the Cornell Extension the approval to expand this program statewide. From that point on, Anna wrote and spoke about it, trained teachers and prepared classroom materials. From 1897 she taught nature study at her alma mater, Cornell University. Anna is credited with being the mother of nature education. 

Minna met Anna through one of the Cornell Extension classes she taught in Thousand Island Parks. Anna gave Minna the tools to advocate for nature education in the North Country schools, a subject she fought passionately for her entire adult life.

To learn more about Anna Botsford Comstock, check out my book recommendation featured in last week’s blog post:  https://www.beckyferrigno.com/great-books-must-be-shared/

Photo Credit and Source: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Anna-Botsford-Comstock

Catherine Common Johnson

Catherine Common Johnson was one of Minna’s five daughters. Like her mother, she was a naturalist and saw the value in teaching children to appreciate and learn about the beautiful wilderness that surrounded them.

Catherine was the force behind the development of the Minna Anthony Common Nature Center at Wellesley Island State Park. Today it serves as a reminder of our main character’s great achievements.

Photo Credit: https://saintsathletics.com/hof.aspx?hof=527

Thank A Strong Woman

After learning about these two strong figures in Minna’s life, can you think of people who lead by example and help you achieve your goals? List those people in the comments below!

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