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Season Changes and New Clothes

October 10, 2019
by Becky Ferrigno

Season changes can be the worst when you have a sensory kid. It used to fill me with dread. Now that my sensory kiddo is older, she controls her wardrobe and the transition is much smoother. She avoids the things that bother her and sticks to a pretty standard year round wardrobe. But until your child is old enough to understand what he/she needs, seasonal clothing changes can be a NIGHTMARE!

So if you are in need of some help, here are some great websites to check out!

The Indiana University in Bloomington had incredible resources that I wish I knew about three years ago!

Check out this Season Changing Strategies page!

I love their suggestions for how to handle the routine changes that happen when the seasons shift.

Everything in winter time in Upstate NY is heavy. Heavy coats and boots can be very challenging for our sensory kiddos to handle. For those of us who live in severely cold areas, we often feel like we have limited choices. For many of us, we feel those heavy coats are the only option we have.

If you feel like you are in that position, check out this article!

Check out Understood. org’s guide to Winter Clothes alternatives

In the end, we all are doing the best we can! So hang in their parents! We’ll get through this season and in 5-6 months, it will all be a thing of the past!

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